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Live in a World of Complete Integration!

  Anchor Systems offers businesses the convenience of working with a single advanced technology partner to design, Coordinate, Implement, Service and Maintain all aspects of their Communication, Information Technology, Audio Visual and Security systems. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with an office in Providence Rhode Island, our team can handle any technology project your Organization needs for the best possible symbiotic relationship with your Customers and Employees. Our customer service team is here to support your organization 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. 

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Here is a list of technologies that we can provide to your organization.

A/V AUDIO-VISUAL is a big part of many organizations interface with their customers and employees, we show you how easy, effortless and efficient it can be to use.

Location/Premise-based Voice and Video Unified Communications and Collaboration Systems have been around for decades now and a newer system can seamlessly integrate with employees whatever they are in the office, work remotely or completely mobile with voice, video and data sharing!

Cloud-based Voice Systems have been around for more than a decade now and have proven themselves as a powerful business tool and not a novelty. We help you weed though the options to find the right solution that fits your business.

Network and Security - In-house and Cloud based systems are an essential part of the way you communication with your customers and employees, having a robust system and partner like us can make all the difference on uptime, safety and cost effectiveness.

Voice and Data/Internet Service can be very daunting to find the right combination of reliability and cost-effectiveness. With over 25 providers, we can customize the right fit for current and future needs.

Infrastructure Cabling is literally the “Backbone” of your network. We give you options and show you what different options can do for your business today and in the future with every piece of technology that you need to bring you to the next level.

Wi-Fi is at a point where it has surpassed Infrastructure Cabling in some applications and will continue to grow. We help you choose the right solution for your company today while making it modular to grow for less than upgrading the entire system.

National and Local Project Management is a term a lot of companies through around to state that they manage their own work. We are able to work with you to show you how a basic installation can be completely invisible to your daily hectic schedule but also guide you on how powerful our National Roll-out and Project Management experience can be without drama.

Disaster Recovery is a contingent that is hopefully never needed but when it is, has to be as seamless as possible to you and your customers to avoid the unpleasantness of waiting for things to be normal again.